Sunday, April 18, 2010

It's actually happening...

Hey ya'll! Most of you know I got accepted to Hillsong International Leadership College over the break and I am for sure going! Tuition,, check...plane ticket, almost check... just waiting on housing stuff to pan out. I will be living with other students in an apartment for the year that I am there, and I cannot wait to get there. Definitely scared and anticipating a huge adjustment in my life , but I feel so peaceful about God leading me there, that I am more scared to not go and experience what God has planned for me.
I know there are alot of people that have been supporting me and praying for me in my years of working on music and praying about applying to this school, and wanted to keep you guys updated as much as possible on what goes on while I am in Sydney! So I thought a blog would be the easiest way to do that.
For now, an update would be that I will be recording an EP this summer and am going to be mailing them out in letters as sort of a fundraiser. My only real need right now is money for rent and other living expenses while I am living over there. I am not sure if my visa will allow me to get a job so I won't have a way of supporting myself during my time there, and am trying to save up as much now as I can. If you are interested in donating or getting a CD please email me your address or some other contact information and I would be more than happy to get one to you! Love you guys, thanks for caring and supporting and praying, this would be so much harder without the encouragement I get from you all!
Prayers don't hurt either, so I if you can't help out financially that is totally fine, I am a college student I know how that works!
Again love you all, you guys are wonderful.



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