Monday, June 14, 2010

The Final Countdown

An epic title, for a not so epic blog, my apologies for deceiving you…all 2 of you who read this J My 30 day countdown to Australia began a couple of days ago, and very much in character I am just now starting to realize that I need to kick it into gear and start preparing for this year long adventure. It is a chilly 40 degrees in Sydney right now, and my wardrobe is lacking in winter attire…considering we only get about 2 weeks of it here in Texas. Where do they sell coats and sweaters in the middle of June? No really, I’m asking. It’s craziness, and starting to get ready reminds that it is all really happening. I can’t turn back, I can’t change my mind, THIS IS IT.

Looking ahead to a year down the road, knowing I am going to be a different person in July 2011 when I come back to this wonderful small town, is scary. Who knows what will be different. Will I start liking country music? Will I like onions? Will I finally eat at an Outback Steakhouse? From this perspective it seems scarier to change friends, dreams, ideals, all that. But I think it would be scarier to never change at all, and be the same person in a year as I am right now. What a waste of all the trials and joys God has graciously sent my way to make into the person He made me to be. I can only hope I will be a good steward of those things, and take advantage of the incredible opportunity that has been dropped into my lap. It’s not like me to move away to a place where I don’t know a single living soul, text messaging is new and exciting, and free wi-fi is scarce. But it is like Lord to send me somewhere like that. And from my experience, where He goes is often confusing, painful, and gut-wrenchingly humbling…but it is worth every second, because He is worth it and He is better. And I would be a fool not to know that by now. I am sure in a month when I am low on funds and homesick I will forget that, but for now…I trust Him.

Be brave


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  1. Hey sweet girl! SO proud of you! Know I will be praying for you continuously and am excited to watch God continue to carve Himself BIG in your life!!! Love you!