Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Blogging from Sydney now!!

Second morning in Sydney, and it still feels like I am on vacation! Totally hasn't hit yet. The older students keep telling us "Yah, you're in Sydney mates." The Lord has been so kind to me already. The taxi I caught from the airport took me to some random location in downtown, and after I paid him just drove off. So in the POURING rain, I lugged two suitcases, a guitar, and a backpack up the hill that is Young Street. I literally said out loud as I sat on a bench..."Ok God, it's you and me now. Let' s do this." When a businessman came up next to me and offered to carry my bags. I told him I was looking for Hillsong church and another man came up next to us and said that he goes to church there and began carrying my other bags. They took me up 3 blocks, got me a taxi, paid for it, and then gave the new taxi driver directions so I wouldn't be lost. I almost starting I was so grateful and overwhelmed by how close and present God felt in my heart. I hope I never forget that day and how God provided for me.
Basically once I got to the church, the older students showed us around and drove us to our flats (which are incredible!) I am temporarily homeless so I am living with some 2nd year students who are so sweet to me. While I was out yesterday they made me a little area with all my stuff and bed so I would feel more at home...I am so blessed! Today we are going shopping for things we might need and I get to hang out with more people and see more of this beautiful city. Everyone keeps telling me that this place is going to change me forever and that it is the best decision I ever made...and I am starting to believe them. I can feel myself being stretched and grown and it's a little scary, but I am so ready for it.
Thanks so much for your prayers, it's totally working. I am very safe and happy really excited for the next 12 months. Miss you all :)

Be brave


  1. yeah! so glad for the update. God's so faithful, what a sweet picture of provision. know that i'm praying for you and so excited for all God's going to do while you're there. can't wait to hear about it as you process and learn with/from you! dear friend, you are loved. enjoy it! love,love,love you!

  2. Praying for you girl!! So excited for you too!!

  3. Yeah!!! So excited He is showing Himself faithful!!! It is good to hear you are loving it. Praying for you daily!!! Love you!