Sunday, July 18, 2010

God must love me...

Me and my sweet friend Angela on the bus

Hello friends, i miss you all dearly. This place is amazing and I know all of you would love it...i wish I could have you here!

Anyhow, today me and 4 friends took a bus, train, and shuttle bus to get to Hillsong. We are studying at the City Campus which is not the original one and wanted to experience that before our Sundays get crazy busy. And it was incredible. The worship, obviously, was amazing. But I was literally on the verge of tears the whole time. The way they love the Lord and worship him, even in the way they listen to the speaker, is unlike anything I have seen. There is such a hunger and excitement for the Lord and everything they do is so worshipful. I am so grateful, and to think that there are going to be a year of these Sundays for me is exciting.

Now for the honest portion of our is so scary to be in a new country! Seriously, I thought I was independent and could handle big girl stuff...but we ALL want our dads to fly down and take care of everything! Thank God I have been blessed with meeting some girls that I have instantly clicked with. Angela I knew before coming here through facebook and since we met in person have done everything together...mostly because we are both totally overwhelmed...BUT I could not have asked for a better friend to do this with! I love this girl! Kristine, Carli, and Michelle are the three other girls I went to church with this morning and I am amazed by each of them. We sat on the train this morning and shared the stories of how we got here and me and Michelle were both teary eyed, because we have all found people that think and believe the same and all desire more than anything to learn and grow like never before the next year. We can go from assembling IKEA bed frames to sitting down and praying for each other within 2 days of meeting, and I am so so excited to be starting this journey with girls like this.

Me and Carli at Hillsong
The hardest thing right now is just to remind myself that God is here and doing this with me. It is easy to feel forgotten and alone in a place this big. Hillsong really forces you to fend for yourself and rely on other people helping and teaching you. I would be LOST without my sweet temporary roommates: Nicole, Nicolena, Vanessa, and Elisha. They are so kind to me. I am not paying rent and tried to give them some money yesterday and they wouldn't even take it and still let me use their things and eat their food and everything. And yes I cried AGAIN when they wouldn't take my money. I am constantly on the verge of crying the last few days...but it is not out of sadness or fear. Everyday I am simply overwhelmed by the way God provides for me, and all I can do is cry. All I can do is say thank you a million times because what He has done and is doing for me...i don't deserve it at all. I am learning so much about myself and already seeing the heart of God in ways I never have before. And I so appreciate your prayers.

If you guys could be praying for me specifically to find a job, that is really the only immediate physical need I have right now. It is pretty difficult to find one here and alot of us are looking, and there are a limited number of places that would even be realistic to work at. I know God will give me what I need. And if that's not a job, I won't get one. But finances are starting to be a stress for alot of us, and your prayers for me and all the students here would be so appreciated. But God is good and He takes care of his kids.

To plan all this, bring me here, put these people in my life, open this door for me...He must love me a whole lot. And His plans for you are just as beautiful. Thanks for reading, and being a part of my life.

Be brave



  1. AH! Linds...where to begin. I'm so so excited for you. Reading this makes me long for Africa even more. Because of what you say "I am already seeing God's heart in ways I have never seen before." It's so awesome how in just a few days you are already learning new things about Him that your whole life you never realized! Then about the worship, now I know you are at Hillsong but isn't it just beautiful to get to worship with the nations? It gives me chills. What an honor. I'm so excited for the new friends you are making, they are all so cute and fun-looking! Maybe I will get to meet them :) Love you, miss you and am so excited for you.

  2. Sweet Lindsey....I LOVE that you are experiencing God this way, it will change your faith for the rest of your life and may you NEVER forget how God is SO VERY FAITHFUL to meet your needs if we just rely on Him and not get distracted by the fast paced life around us. I can see you being stretched already and can't wait to see how this year plays out. Love you girl!!

  3. dude...for real.
    this is so good, and I'm so excited for God's plan for you! Keep going my friend, and never stop doing God's good work!