Tuesday, August 31, 2010

the simple things

I feel like the blogs have a been a bit heavy ha. I promise I am loving it here! There are sad times and hard times, but the last week or so has been the first that felt normal. Normal doesn't sound exciting, I know, but my goodness was it a welcome change of pace. There are alot of teachings and theological thoughts racing through my head...but what I feel like God has been opening my eyes to the most is that he has wants us to have joy. Smiling and laughing is good for the soul. Sharing stories over a hot meal is sometimes all we need to get us back on our feet. And God has brought some really sweet people by putting me at this school.

Angela- who I have had pictures of in most of my blogs, is more and more everyday becoming like a sister. We are just in sync, and we know when the other one is off or is having a bad day. We laugh constantly, and being in a place as intense and fast-paced as this it is nice to just be able to laugh and not take myself so seriously. She is my sanity and I don't know what I would do without her.

Michelle- sweet Michelle! I have known her almost two months now, and I feel like we have been friends forever. Everytime I talk to her I feel like I know the Lord more just by hearing about what she is learning and how she is growing. We can go from serious to laughing so hard we cry and then to praying in one conversation and I am so excited to see what God is going to do in her life.

Recently us girls have been hanging out with some other students. Roy and Aksel from Norway; Josh from Alaska, Josh from Arkansas, Eddie from California, Nick from Louisiana, and a couple of others every now and then. We have taco nights and all bring what food we have to make and eat at their big dining room table. It seems really simple but i have never laughed harder. For the record let me say that Norwegians are the BEST people in the world next to Texans :) I love these people! It's amazing how creative you get when movies, tv, and things that involve spending money aren't really an option. I will miss this when it's time to go back home...

There are so many people here who I have grown to love. It is so strange to think that three months ago I didn't even know these people were alive on the planet, and now I hate going even a day without seeing them. God is so gracious, and He has made us all for such a time as this. It makes me think back on all the little and seemingly insignificant things that led me here. All the pieces that fit together to make my story one that had Hillsong International Leadership College as a chapter. There were many times over the last year where I wondered if I was anywhere near where God wanted me and getting frustrated about the unknowns in my life...but I wouldn't change a single thing. Because I love what God is doing in me here. I love having to take a hard look at my life and heart and letting God refine and cut away all the things that are holding me back.

So it's not deep or moving and I probably should have realized this at home. But no matter how insignificant where God has you feels, no matter how confused and lost you think you are...Obedience will always have you at the center of his will. And let me tell you from someone who is living this and seeing this as we speak...God already had this planned from before the world even was. He knows your heart and He never does anything that isn't in your very best interest. I want to learn how to appreciate the simple things, to find joy in the normal, and to find hope in what can seem small...because God has you where you are for a significant, eternal purpose. You are not forgotten :) And you are loved
I realized that I need to get out more so I acutally have interesting and funny stories to share...I feel like I peaked early with the row boat story and it's been a steady downhill from there BUT rest assured...I will attempt to be a more exciting person. But, Australia is amazing!! Such a fun country, the people are wonderful. My roommates are more than I could have even hoped for :) We had a flat dinner the other night and it was so fun to get to know them better. Can't wait for the next year. Hillsong is still amazing...new live album recording November 7 and we get to be there! Still can't believe I get to do this everyday. Would love to skype with you guys and hear how ya'll are doing, I miss you dearly.
Be brave,

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  1. So how about a Norwegian that lives in TX? I must rock!!!! :)

    Talked to your mom yesterday. Wanted to catch up on the Hasbroucks....they miss you. Love you Linds!!!